"Treasured beginnings, a brand nurtured with love, from zero to one, embarking on a sweet and blissful candy-filled journey."

  Founder YE,AN-CHI was a mother of two children, and for over a decade, her life was devoted to wholeheartedly caring for her family. As her eldest son had intellectual disabilities and required special dietary attention, YE,AN-CHI frequently crafted healthy and delicious candies, cookies, and homemade sauces to ensure he could enjoy sweets while staying nourished. She generously shared these creations with family and friends, receiving much positive encouragement and feedback.

  Starting with her own skills, YE,AN-CHI developed unique recipes for chewy nougats and crispy pastries. With the initial aspiration of "crafting every candy with care, and savoring happiness in every bite," she established "Tangshop."

  From the early days as a "family kitchen" to becoming a "qualified food production factory" certified by SGS, we strive for perfection in every candy. With well-established standard operating procedures (SOP) in place, we aim to present the best elasticity and flavor in our candies. Over 70% of our processes are meticulously handcrafted, and over the years, we have become the designated OEM manufacturer for many renowned brands. Our products are now exported to more than ten countries, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia, and are available at duty-free shops and department stores. We are proud to be on the list of must-buy souvenirs for overseas tourists.

  YE,AN-CHI's biggest dream is to establish a 'sheltered workshop' that combines the resources accumulated since starting the business, providing a wonderful learning space and work environment for children with special needs. She often invites her son and classmates to help with tasks like folding paper boxes and packaging during their free time at the company, hoping to empower these children with the ability to support themselves when they grow up.

A heartwarming caramel candy business founded by a mother's love, committed to the highest standards of making treats for her own children. We use 100% locally sourced healthy ingredients, carefully selecting New Zealand milk powder and Japanese natural agar to create sweet and non-sticky, fragrant and chewy candies that bring joy to both elders and children. Combining our unique recipes with the expertise of Le Cordon Bleu masters, we have developed savory-sweet, crispy yet tender delicacies like the Salty Egg Yolk Snowy Q Cake and Toffee Cashew Brittle, as well as leading the industry with innovations like Pearl Milk Tea Milk Candy and Triple Scallion Rolled Cake. Our mission is to deliver a delightful and healthy indulgence without any burden.

With the belief of "eating healthily, eating happily" for everyone, YE,AN-CHI's creations are not just candies; they represent her love for children and her dedication to consumers' well-being. She firmly believes that by cherishing this precious mission and upholding Tangshop's brand philosophy, it will continuously expand without interruption!

TANG SHOP-Bringing happiness and hope through our nougat candies.

  At first, it was a simple and warm intention, just to create good candies that children could enjoy with peace of mind.
  Tangshop founder YE,AN-CHI has devoted years of research and searched far and wide for the finest ingredients, all with the hope that this caramel will become a source of abundant happiness for people. Within the caramel lies YE,AN-CHI's hope for her son, believing that with love accompanying her child born with cerebral palsy, one day he will become a partner of Tangshop, spreading joy to others with his own strength.

  Established in 2013, Tangshop was founded in the powerful embrace of Angel's motherly love. With a meticulous selection of ingredients, stringent quality control throughout the production process, and the expertise of a Michelin two-star dessert chef, Tangshop strives to be the best and only produces what they dare to eat. With this dedication, they aim to elevate Taiwan's caramel to the world stage, showcasing Taiwan's exceptional craftsmanship to the world.

Corporate Spirit and Core Values.

●The simplicity of Taiwanese people, combined with the diligence of Hakka people, creates a unique culinary culture.

●Crafted with ingenuity, dedication, focus, and creativity, we produce delicacies to share with others.

●Infusing the warmth of handcrafted treats, we convey the warmth of our culinary creations, sharing happiness with every customer and consumer.

●Treating employees, customers, suppliers, and consumers like family, with sincerity and mutual benefit.

Corporate Culture

●Focus on Quality: Only with good quality can a company thrive in the long run. We control the quality from raw materials, production processes, finished products to the end-user. Every employee is committed to delivering quality.
●Continuous Innovation: We are not followers; we strive for continuous innovation based on consumer insights. Our goal is not only to surpass competitors but also to surpass ourselves.

●Sustainable Operation: Our aim is not just short-term success; we strive for enduring prosperity. Our first objective is to become a century-old enterprise, staying true to our original aspiration and continuously moving forward.

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